The Bull Valley Roadhouse

Working with The Bull Valley Roadhouse

There are some businesses that seem to defy all reason when it comes to what makes a business successful. The Bull Valley Roadhouse is nestled in Port Costa, a tiny port town at the end of a very windy road, in a valley between two hills. It’s 30 minutes from San Francisco and close to nothing else. It’s not convenient or ‘on the way’ to anything. You can’t pass through the town to get anywhere else as the road literally ends right there, at the end of the street, just before the railroad tracks.

Its a town seemingly out of a dream, and here the owners had initially intended to find a home for their bees. One thing led to the next and they ended up owning the whole side of the street, starting not only the restaurant but the inn and cafe next door. With a love of farm-fresh ingredients, vintage ambiance and a plethora of fun antiques and decor, the place shines. The food is ¬†impeccable and the cocktails are life-changing. It’s a unique honor to work with people so passionate about doing it right, whether it defies convention or not. And they make it work. They’ve been top 100 restaurants in the Bay Area for all 5 years of operation, their customers are loyal and excited and the employees love what they do. It’s quite a hidden gem, in every aspect of the term.

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The Bull Valley Roadhouse