Pricing and Packages

Pricing depends on mainly two things: shoot time and edit time. This means that what you want to shoot and how many and what kind of images you want are a big fact. The rates below are a starting point. Please contact me for specific pricing. 

Additional Services: Make-up, Stylist, Additional Edits, etc.

Additional Services

Additional Services

  • Stylist and Wardrobe: $50-100*
  • Make-up Artist: $50-100*
  • Location Shoot: Contact for Pricing

*Varies based on specific artist booked

Professional Retouching

Send us a photo for retouching or request additional edits after the number included in your session at the following rates:

  • Touch-up* Individual Shots: $20
  • Touch-up* Edits 3 Images for: $45
  • Commercial Retouch**: $30
  • Composite Edits: Contact for Pricing

*Touch-up edits include light, color, hair flyways, eye color, skin blemishes, even skin tone, image corrections (No skin smoothing, color changing, liquify/enhancements)

**Commercial retouch also includes skin smoothing, color changing, liquify/enhancements or other needed edits (does not include image composite)


Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for your shoot

Do I need make-up for my shoot?

The only reason make-up is not already included in my pricing is because the price is based on the artist available at the shoot location, date and time. The easier answer is that unless you are a professional make-up artist who is very familiar with make-up for flash photography and film (or have one as a friend or family member) I VERY highly recommend this add-on. I will always have someone I can recommend and book for you, just as and I can get you their pricing.

What is your refund policy?

Deposits are non-refundable. If you can’t make your shoot for an emergency, I’m happy to put your deposit toward rescheduling (as long as travel/time has not already been incurred). If you are unhappy with your images, once delivered, we can discuss in what way your are unsatisfied and agree on a solution that will best resolve the issue.

What do I wear for my shoot?

I like to turn to for advice on what to wear for headshots.

After your shoot

How do I see my images after the shoot?

Your images will be uploaded to an online gallery about a week after your shoot. They will be color corrected only so keep in mind that image adjustments such as crop, lighting and/or any edits for hair/face/background would be done only on your image selections. Simply choose your favorites and narrow down to the number included with your shoot (or any additional if you’d prefer, to be invoiced later).

What does a 'touch-up' edit include?

Touch-up edits include light, color, hair flyways, eye color, skin blemishes, even skin tone, image corrections and adjustments. It does not include skin smoothing, color changing, liquify/enhancements or composite (layered) images. Pricing for those services are additional and/or covered under Conceptual or Commercial image packages.

Can I get more than the number of finished edits quoted in the package?

Yes, I offer additional touch-up edits for $20 each or 3 for $45. When choosing your images from your online gallery, simply select all the images you want and I will invoice you for any additional edits beyond what comes with your shoot package.

Still Have Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.